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Weather Station

Weather Station
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  1. ^ When the Willow Bunch Telegraph Office was in operation the telegraph operator was also a weather observer. He used meteorological instruments located on the property to measure local weather conditions. These readings were sent on a regular basis via telegraph to the government weather agency in Ottawa (now known as Environment Canada) who used these readings and others from all across the country to create weather forecasts. The daily weather forecasts compiled by the government weather agency were distributed via telegraph. The telegraph operator posted these forecasts at the telegraph and post offices for all to see.

    This history lead to the installation of the weather station at the restored Willow Bunch Telegraph Office and the reporting of its readings on this website.
  2. ^a b The weather forecasts provided by Environment Canada for Coronach, Rockglen, and Assiniboia are all usually the same, so it's reasonable to use any one of them for Willow Bunch. The forecast data shown above is Environment Canada's forecast for Coronach.
  3. ^ Weather Underground's Radar data for Glasgow, Montana, covers the Willow Bunch area and is often more useful then Environment Canada's. The Weather Underground's Radar data is updated faster then Environment Canada's and that website includes many more features like storm tracking capabilities with information on the potential for hail and its size.
  4. ^a b c d e The Weather Network's weather data for Assiniboia, Coronach, and Rockglen is actually from Environment Canada's weather stations for those locations. The Weather Network's data for Willow Bunch used to be from Environment Canada's Rockglen weather station, but it now appears to be an interpolation of the data from Environment Canada for Assiniboia, Coronach, and Rockglen. The forecast supplied by the The Weather Network can and does often differ from that provided by Environment Canada. It appears the Environment Canada forecast is often more accurate then that from The Weather Network, but that's not based on any real study. The one thing The Weather Network has that Environment Canada does not is its 14 day forecast. It's handy when trying to plan activities 6 to 14 days away, but that long range forecast can only be used as a very rough guide, since the weather folks often can't predict what going to happen one or two days away!