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Other Activities


Other activities...

There were many other activities on the property in addition to all the restoration work on the building. These include everything from landscaping and gardening to the construction of a new garage.


A large garage (28' x 32') was built on the property. It is located towards the back of the lot so it does not take away from the look of the telegraph office building from the street.


A fence was building around the backyard to get some privacy, block the wind, cut down on snow drifts in the winter, and create a nice place to relax and grow a garden. Due to the size of the lot, it took a few years to complete the fence.


The old back porch on the building, an original fixture, was detached and moved to the back yard where it was converted into a simple shed. This shed got moved around the yard a few times before a permanent home was found. Afterwards it got a make over and a new lease on life as a quaint garden shed.


The large 1/2 acre lot of the Telegraph Office is one nice feature of the property. Plenty of work has gone into landscaping the property and there is still more to come.


I grew my first garden in 2010, but this is by no means the first garden on the property. Gardening was an important activity back when the telegraph office first open in the early 1900s and most of those who lived on the property since then grew gardens.

My first garden was grown near the back of the house. I used this temporary location for 3 years because that was the only appropriate spot available. In 2013 I was finally able to move the garden to a much better location by the garage.

Tree Care

One of the nice things about the Telegraph Office is number of large mature trees on the property. They look nice and provide good shade in the summer, but they do require a lot of attention. When I took over the Telegraph Office property in 2007 the trees were out of control and in much need of attention. Ever since then I've been pruning them, removing some, and planting new ones. It's an on going activity.



When I purchased the property in 2007 the driveway was on the left (east side) of building. This "old" driveway was most likely created in the 1940s after the east lean-to was removed. With the re-creation of the east lean-to it made sense to move the driveway to the right (west side) of the building. The new driveway will provide much better access to the back yard.