Willow Bunch Telegraph Office
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The project began in the fall of 2007 with months of demolition work to expose the original building that was hidden behind layers of material and other modifications done during the building's 100 plus year history. The lean-to on the west side, an addition originally created around 1919 and expanded in the early 1950s, was removed because prolonged periods of water infiltration from a leaky roof had taken its toll. Besides, this addition took away from the original look of the property and that sought by the project. Several layers of siding were also removed to expose the original siding and window openings.

The interior was similarly stripped back to the original layer of lath and plaster. Later that too was removed along with all the electrical wiring, plumbing, and the heating system to essentially wipe the slate clean for the complete ground up restoration of the building.

West Lean-To

The West Lean-To was dismantled by hand, except for the foundation which required heavy equipment.

Building Exterior

The building exterior was stripped back to the original layer of wood siding.


The old basement was cleaned out then all the old electrical wiring, plumbing and heating equipment was removed.

Building Interior

The building interior underwent several modifications over the years. This resulted in the addition of extra layers of material as shown in the first two photos below.